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About Jivika Chem

At Jivika Chem, we are quality concious, versatile and innovative, becuase it's all about the Chemistry. We are manufacturer and supplier of wide range of chemicals with diverse applications and uses, servicing a wide range of industries like; Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical. We continuously diversify our product portfolio to meet the needs of the ever-evolving industries.

With State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, modern Quality Control standards, and advanced Research and Development Department, Jivika Chem is geared to produce high purity fine chemicals at the facilities located at little desert of Kutch, Gujarat, INDIA.

Flask in scientist hand with test tubes.

9 C's Compounding Chemistry


Our Chemistry is based upon Customers' individual requirements. With the help of our most modern technologies for manufacturing and with the help of our forging relationships withchemical manufacturers across the globe customer


 At Jivika Chem, we set high standards for quality and constantly work to maintain the standards so that employees and customers know that it is part of the culture and important at every level of the organization.


As our clients are from Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical Induestries, they have specific product requirement, with specific packaging, at specific time. To satisfactorily meet these, we consult personally and individually.


At Jivika; we trail the trends. We closely follow current market trends and implement them directly in close cooperation with manufacturers. Our newsletters provide you well-founded...


We have full-proof, vast warehouses network of Chemicals to answer customer's demand cycle, which enable fast order processing. We have a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals...


Jivika Chem, has lived a distinctive culture of innovation from its inception. The development of new procedures, processes, materials and chemicals in all business areas has been a key issue in...


From the selection & qualification of the raw materials through the manufacture of products to packaging & ontime delivery, we carry out all process steps for you without any gaps. We guarantee the consistent premium quality in India...


Through innovative design, processing, use, & disposal of substances, We have developed our operational & commercial work in harmony with eco-system. It is an obligation to us to safeguard the planet & benefit society at large with communities.


Jivika Chem has carry out all the process steps for you to provide the best Customer Service. At Jivika Chem, From Packaging to Delivery, We ensure our Customer gets best service at each and every step.


Why Jivika Chem!

"We Thrive on Challenges"

Team Jivika Chem thrives on challenges and firmly believes that challenges always open new avenues.


Our team is vastly experienced in chemical research and harnesses its experience to bring new applicable solutions to the market.

"Improvement, Optimization & Evolution"

As a one-stop destination for your comprehensive chemical needs and customization design solutions.


Whether you seek our help for a specific chemical or the entire portfolio, we have got your back. 

"Customized Solutions"

The Chemical Industrial landscape was always competitive and challenging. It has become even more competitive in recent years and calls for more than just data.


At Jivika Chem, we understand the value of quality and quantity both.

With Jivika Chem, you get a brilliant network of chemical producers who produce a wide range of products. Our prestigious colleagues has perfected the art of finding the most effective chemicals. Everyday, we are in the trenches establishing partnerships and analysing the integrity of potential supplies in order to porvide the greatest service to customers. 

At Jivika Chem, we believe in the principle of everyone's well-being. This is consistent with our fundamental principle of "respect" for people and the environment. The well-being of our stakeholders, particularly the communities in which we operate, is an important component of our business strategy and sustainability, and we see this as a chance to contribute to inclusive growth.