9 C's compounding Chemistry

Customer Centric

Our Chemistry is based upon Customers' individual requirements. With the help of our most modern technologies for manufacturing and with the help of our forging relationships withchemical manufacturers across the globe customer.

Commitment of quality

Our clients work in highly regulated environments on critical applications and so we understand the importance of maintaining exemplary standards at all times. At Jivika Chemicals, we continuously reviews our product quality.

Caring Consultation

As our clients are from Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical Induestries, they have specific product requirement, with specific packaging, at specific time. To satisfactorily meet these, we consult personally and individually.

Concentrating the trend

At Jivika; we trail the trends. We closely follow current market trends and implement them directly in close cooperation with manufacturers. Our newsletters provide you well-founded...

Competent storage & Customized packing

We have full-proof, vast warehouses network of Chemicals to answer customer's demand cycle, which enable fast order processing. We have a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals...

Constantly innovative

Jivika Chemicals has lived a distinctive culture of innovation from its inception. The development of new procedures, processes, materials and chemicals in all business areas has been a key issue in...

Complete Supply Chain

From the selection & qualification of the raw materials through the manufacture of products to packaging & ontime delivery, we carry out all process steps for you without any gaps. We guarantee the consistent premium quality in India...

Contribute to Society

Through innovative design, processing, use, & disposal of substances, We have developed our operational & commercial work in harmony with eco-system. It is an obligation to us to safeguard the planet & benefit society at large with communities.

Customer Service

Through our high standards, expertise and customer focused approach, we strive to meet customers' need. We identify every Customer’s Specific needs and ensure that it is met satisfactorily & consistently. We serve our reliably and quickly.


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