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Sales Executive

Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Job Purpose

Looking for a driven sales professional to join our sales team. The sales executive's tasks include generating leads, conducting sales calls, updating our CRM information on a regular basis, and fulfilling sales objectives.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Research and recommend prospects for new business opportunities

  • Research and analyze sales options

  • Build and maintain relationships with clients and prospects

  • Stay current with trends and competitors to identify improvements or recommend new products

  • Collect and analyze information and prepare data and sales reports

  • Build and maintain professional networks

  • Meet with potential clients to determine their needs.

  • Set up meetings with potential clients and listen to their wishes and concerns.


Playing a major role in chemical sales performance, participation in sales strategy meetings, target setting, and negotiating sales budgets and marketing strategies.


Managerial, relationship-building, and decision-making abilities are required of the candidate. Goal-setting abilities, analytic skills, and a strong desire to work are required.

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